Presentation of our Company

was created by Mr Pierre FISCHER in 1993.
HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE is located in Mulhouse in the "Parc des collines" in a modern factory of 2000 m² and employs 30 people.
HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE reaches an annual turnover of 4,6 millions Euros and works with more than 80 partners.
HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE deals with projects from 300 to 800 KEuros.

The company
HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE is specialised in conception, realization and automation of machining machines and automated systems and is present on the international market.
The vocation of the company
HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE is the total satisfaction of its customers.

The experience of the company
in the industrial conception in the field of movement creation is nowadays used in the realization of our flexible cells, which are particularly precise and fast.

The implication of the company HIGH TECH PRODUCTIQUE to satisfy fully its customers supposes advice, conception, realization, training and maintenance with a quality service, based on the directives of the norm ISO 9001.

In december 1999, the company UNITO was created in order to market the standard machining units which are developped and manufactured by the company

The know-how of our engineers and technicians, together with our partners' skills allow us to be present in varied fields as motor industry, connectic, aerospace, arms industry, cosmetic, pharmaceutic, food industry,...

The investment profitability of an automated system is optimum provided that the machine is correctly used. For that, and in order to offer our customers the best services, we give a particular care to the specific trainings for the users of the machine at each stage of the project.

Thanks to our folluw up of the market needs, the quality of our services and our reactivity, we have been able to win and to keep our customers' confidence.

Win with H.T.P.